SPA POTIONS WIKI - Teachers: Beth Seibel-Hunt & Carmen Vanegas

This wiki is updated annually with lab-based independent research projects
completed by SPA chemistry students working in pairs on a topic of their choice.


Table 1: Wiki Components:
Proposal Stage
Final Report Stage
Include a table with information on the following topics:

Project topic:
Chemistry concept:
Journal Article:
Lab Procedure (source?):
Apparatus & Chemicals needed:
Safety Information (MSDS link to each chemical):
Other Information:
Abstract (include components from each individual's abstract that best present the project).

Figure of Apparatus (be sure to reduce to less than 100 kb jpg files.

Summary Graphic (copy graph from Excel or other source that summarizes data)

Citations (include sources in APA format along with a link to that source, if available)

Audio (2-3 minute recording that describes your project, the initial motivation for your project and
challenges that you were able to overcome during the project. Finish your audio with recommendations
to future students that might want to follow up on your research.)