CITRIC ACID EFFECT ON ENAMEL. Santano and Jackie: The purpose of this lab is to examine the effect citric acid has on tooth enamel along with finding the amount of citric acid in store bought drinks through a titration. The titration was done by adding NaOH to orange juice and lemonade respectively finding the amount of mL needed to neutralize the juices. Citric acid has been proven to produce demineralized zones in teeth, weakening the teeth’s enamel. This lab investigates the amount of citric acid needed to weaken the teeth and observe how much citric acid is in the store bought drinks and what effect that concentration has on the teeth’s enamel. Results show that the lemonade had a lower molarity of 0.000938mol/L compared to the orange juice’s molarity of 0.001153mol/L. Since it has been proven that pure lemon juice has a much higher citric acid concentration than pure orange juice, these results show us that drinks with a higher percent of real fruit juice have higher concentrations of citric acid. Due to a lack of time, the observation of the teeth broken down by the citric acid in the drinks could not be done. Further research is recommended to determine the effect that the drinks have on the tooth enamel.

KEY WORDS: Titration, Color Indicator, pH, Molarity, Base

Graph of Results

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