Honors Period 1
Katya & William
Pin Hole Photography and Gelatin Silver Prints

Nick & Grace
Biomedical Adhesion

Sarah & Hagop
Receptor Chemotaxis

Asher & Henry

Sammy, Maddie & Ian
Ferrofluid Properties

Danny & James
Preservative Efficacy

Spencer & Jeremy
Simulation of Electrolyte Absorption
Honors Period 2
Clara & Marie
Cellulose-based Biofuels

Amanda & Ryann
Simulation of GeoThermal Heating System

Mara & Claire
Oil Dispersant Study

Gina & Melanie
Grayanotoxin and Azalea Hybrid

Claire & Laura
Candy Acid and Tooth Decay

Sam & Julian
Dilatant Solutions

Laura & Maddy
Mpemba Effect

Aditi & Francesco
Potato-based Bioplastics
Chem Period 7
Ellen & Grant
Pill Coating Study

Liz & Noah
Biodiesel Veg vs. Animal

Nina & Katie
Synthesis of Fragrant Esters

Maria & Serena
Sphagnum Moss Pool Pre-Treatment

Dom & Matt
Acid Rain Impact on Metal

Basil & Peter
Natural vs. Synthetic Glue
Chem Period 8
Farez & August
Iodine Water Treatment

Ibad & Ellie
Natron Salt

Saif & Emily N
Efficacy of Hand Sanitizers

Brigid & Emily N
Impact of UV rays on Fungi

Sid & Joelle

Alicia & Cam
Sun-in Hair