Vanegas 2012 Chemistry Projects

3rd Period
Project Title
Matt and Ben
Effect of temperature on reaction kinetics of three gas-producing reactions
Camille and Chinaza
Measurement of energy absorbed/released during phase changes of ice and hot ice (sodium acetate)
Ben and Jonah
Extraction and purification of agar from different species of seaweed
Sophia and Lexi
Comparison of carbon dioxide levels in homemade and commercial carbonated beverages
Krista Chloe and Rachel
Antibacterial effects of benzyl peroxide and salicylic acid
Amelia and Ryan
Comparison of metabolism and heart rate of Daphnia following exposure to a food-based, color-changing energy drink and a commercial energy drink

4th Period

Nick and Amy
pH-sensitivity of pigments derived from seaweed
Titration of vitamin C present in conventionally grown vs. organic food sources
Ben and John
Comparison of fluoride content, hardness, and lead content of tap water and bottled water
Ruth Ariana and Lily
Use of teas as pH indicators and production of color-changing watercolor paint
Max and Jeron
Effect of acid rain on building materials (and protective effect of coatings)
Tyler and Tom
Effect of magnet composition on denaturation
Josh and Cameron
Effect of electrolytes on foaming agent sodium laurel sulfate

5th Period
Peter and Karl
Comparison of water purification methods for removing nitrates, phosphates, and hardness
Matt and Michelle
Comparison of the effects of homemade and commercial sports drinks on heart rate and rate of respiration in Daphnia
Claire and Lauren
Comparison of zone of inhibition produced by commercial and homemade soaps
Ashley and Perrin
Reaction kinetics of a chemiluminescent reaction
Lorenzo and Adam
Analysis of crystal structures of commercial and homemade chocolates
David and Steven
Effect of source on quality and quantity of ethanol produced